'V-C's copyright case posted to June 1'

'V-C's copyright case posted to June 1'

Dr Reddy recorded his further evidence on Thursday and the case was posted for next hearing on June 1, said R G Patil counsel for Reddy.

He said, 13 witnesses on behalf of Reddy have been named and they proposed to examine some of them during the next hearing.

Reddy said, among the replies given to him by VTU were in accordance to the provisions of Right to Information Act, corrections have been incorporated in the second edition of the book 'A Primer on Computer Aided Engineering Drawing', but, no changes were made in the syllabus and minus himself all co-authors were invited for the meeting.

About 50,000 copies were printed without bills, invoices and delivery notes, he alleged. He stated that VTU registrar was publisher of the book and does not have the right to replace preface and other things in the book.

VTU has accepted that preface has been removed from the book and there was no academic contribution from Prof Khincha for the book, he added.