Headbands for lush mane

Headbands for lush mane

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Headbands for lush mane

Yes, the headband is back and thanks to the popular teen serial Gossip Girl has reinvented itself in a whole new avatar that designers can get really creative with and fashion divas obsessed with.

Metrolife talks to young designer Sneha Satyaprakash who among other things creates a line of hair accessories that range from haircombs and barettes to fascinator (headpieces worn instead of a hat) and headbands for fashionistas in the City.

“Who needs an overstuffed closet when a simple wardrobe with a wide range of accessories can easily help to  evolve your own personal style. I developed my fascination for accessories when I was studying in London and used to wander around stores studying the different kinds on display,” she explains, adding, “I was particularly inspired by John Galliano’s quirky runway displays – where the accent was often on brilliant accessories like headbands.”

“Headbands are both practical and fun. Choose between bold or mixed colours that complement all kinds of outfits or bright splashy ones that will turn your hair and face into an eye-popper,” she advises.

So how do you adapt hair accessories to suit different styles? “A smart tweed bow can be worn to the work place, while richly embellished hair combs go well with traditional Indian outfits. The wrap band is great for girls with long hair, while a ribbon bow adds a sweet and innocent look. Keep a silk or sequin scarf in your handbag and put it on when you want to change your look from casual to smart. For a sleek vibe, pair it with a ponytail.

What’s ‘in’ now?

“Go dressy this season as it’s holiday time. I play with metallics and sequins, creating pieces that can dress up a ‘little black dress’ or jeans and a great top. An up-do is a popular hairstyle for formal occasions. Add an elegantly designed barrette (hair slide) to make a feminine statement,” Sneha advises.

“Fashion headbands come in a variety of styles, materials and widths, from trendy hippie with woven leather to classy silk or cute plastic. Wide or skinny they have embellishments like ribbons, polka dots, sequins, braids and a whole lot of adorable details! Think Gossip Girl ! the headband might be the missing fashion accessory when putting together your outfit!”

Accessorise simply

Rhea Subramanian, a twelfth grader, says that the headband is a must have accessory. “All my friends wear them as a fashion statement to casual get togethers, picnics, parties and just about everywhere,” she enthuses, adding, “you can never go wrong with headbands in basic black, brown and white. Silver and gold are also quite versatile and will match the rest of your wardrobe.”

Where do you shop for them? “Sadly, there isn’t  much available in the City so we usually stock up on good hair accessories when we travel. However, there are small standalone stores in malls that have a limited but attractive  range of headbands and hair accessories.” 

Avoid the headache

* Don’t wear them with formal hairstyles or to formal events unless they have dressy embellishments on them like crystals or rhinestones.

* Avoid wearing too many matched details like a striped dress and striped headband together.

* By the same token if wearing an eye-catching headband, keep the rest of your outfit simple with solid colours and minimal accessories.

* Change your look instantly by wearing it with different  partings. 

* Match it with other accessories. For maximum style impact, wear a headband in a colour that matches your belt and shoes.

* Wide plastic headbands should be lined on the inside with fabric to make them more comfortable and reduce the chance of headache.

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