Having her pick of movies

Having her pick of movies

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Having her pick of movies

With two Hollywood projects and many Telugu and Tamil movie offers pouring her way, Sindhu Menon has broken into the big league. This young lady, who recently tied the knot with a UK-based businessman, has left for London to shoot for one of the two Hollywood projects.

It took over 15 years of acting during which she gave a string of memorable performances that peaked with Tamil film Eeram, to get Sindhu to where she is today.

Talking about Eeram she says, “There was just me in the movie. Even if I wasn’t physically there, my presence could be felt. That’s not an opportunity everybody gets,” she says.

A large part of Sindhu’s latest Hollywood project was shot in Kerala. She plays an Indian girl in the film. “The movie documents the journey of the life of an Indian girl.” In her next Telugu project Subhadra, a thriller, Sindhu plays a software engineer who is married. “It delves into the many complications of a married life. A typical Indian family where the son is attached to his parents. Even when the newly married couple go on a honeymoon, the groom wants to take along his family. His wife detests it and wants to be alone with her husband. The movie captures the adjustments and clashes that ensue in the course of it,” explains Sindhu, who first stood before the arclights as a nine-year-old girl.

In Chandamama, she is a talkative girl, “I’d like to be that character in real life but not many people will accept those who are cheerful and bubbly. The character I play is energetic, she screams, shouts and is at her vivacious best,” she avers.

Sindhu is one among the few actresses who doesn’t bare all to get that instant fame. She confesses that she’s been extremely choosy with her roles. “I always look for more performance-oriented subjects. I may have missed a couple of good offers in the bargain but no regrets,” she says and adds, “if I had gone after the glamour quotient then I don’t think I would’ve come this far.”

Explaining why Sindhu hasn’t been very active in Sandalwood, she says, “I haven’t been getting good offers here. Besides, I shuttle a lot between my shoots which makes it hard for me to make more commitments.”

Sindhu found that signing a Hollywood project is so much easier than Indian projects. “I am not drawing a comparison but the agreement runs into more than 100 pages with clear cut guidelines and even states that I could protest whenever I am uncomfortable. There are no last minute changes and they stick to their word,” she says.