Bruni embarrassed 'over X-rated interview'

Bruni embarrassed 'over X-rated interview'

The former Italian supermodel-turned-singer, now 42, had her cheeky chat with 'Channel 4' show Eurotrash in 1996. But it has come to light in a new video portrait of her, leading British tabloid 'The Sun' reported.

During the interview, Bruni, then 28, quoted rude lines like "Do you like my titties?" in German, Italian and Spanish from an international "sex phrase book" she had in her handbag.

She explained: "We need this kind of book as we're travelling the world and meeting new people every day. We must know what to tell them in case we get in bed with them. For example if you have a German person and you want to tell them 'You get me very hot' you say 'Sie erhalten mich sehr heiss'."

The 27-minute video also discussed Carla's affairs with various celebrities including rock stars Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton. And it recalled her famous 2007 quote: "Monogamy bores me."

But a friend of Bruni has said: "She's shocked and dismayed. She's under no illusions, it will undermine her credibility enormously."

An Elysee Palace source was quoted as saying, "The video certainly throws a disappointing shadow over the dignity of the position of first lady."