Air crash does not affect passenger flow

Air crash does not affect passenger flow

Even the passengers travelling in flights to Bangalore and Mumbai or Dubai flights have not decreased. In fact, all the flights are running full.  Flight operations, which was suspended at the Bajpe airport after an Air India aircraft crashed on Saturday, resumed from afternoon on the same day itself.

A Kingfisher flight from Bangalore with 25 passengers onboard landed at the airport at 13.50 hours on Saturday itself. The Kingfisher flight was carrying a team of officials from DGCA, which had come to inspect the crash site. Jet Airways, which operates four flights— two each from Bangalore and Mumbai, cancelled a Boeing flight on Saturday. However, it resumed the operation later.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, sources in Jet Airways said “The Mangalore air tragedy did not have any impact on air travel by the people. It is a season time where the air travel is more. Summer holidays for children is an opportunity for the parents to go to different destinations and come back to Mangalore. In fact, many people are coming and are asking for tickets which we are not able to issue as all the seats are booked.

Approximately 400 passengers are travelling in Jet airways from Mangalore daily after the incident, which is normal.” Another official said “dying is part of our life. So people are not much bothered about air crash.”

The sources in King Fisher Airlines which operates flights to Mumbai, Bangalore, Kochi said “all the flights which arrive at Mangalore are fully loaded. Even Airbus of Kingfisher from Mumbai to Mangalore is also full. The air crash did not have any impact on the passengers travelling.”

Air India operates between Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi and Gulf countries. The Air India Express flights which arrive from Gulf Countries also have not seen any decline in passengers. In fact, all those who have booked their tickets have not cancelled after the tragedy. They are travelling as usual. Some have only changed the date of their travel.”

When contacted travel agents, an official at Globe International Travels said “the bookings for air ticket to travel from Mangalore are going on as usual. There is no decline in the demand for air tickets.”

The official at Akbar Travels said “those who are in need of travelling urgently never cancel the tickets. One or two persons have changed their date of travelling after the air crash in Mangalore. At the same time, one or two persons have changed their flight instead of travelling by Air India. The bookings are going on as usual.”