Delicacies from deep-sea

Delicacies from deep-sea

Fish Fry

Delicacies from deep-sea

Be it the seating arrangements or the flooring, everything will remind you of those old restaurants of the 1980s. The waiters are hospitable and are quick in giving suggestions and getting you what you want in a jiffy. Tucked away in a corner of Gandhinagar, Fishland is the best place to have some good Mangalore-style coastal food.

The main course is breath-taking and is simple yet tasty. It is a regular fish thali which comprises a fish curry cooked in typical Mangalore style, along with a bowl of boiled or regular rice. Also present are the other regulars in a thali — rasam, buttermilk, pickle and a vegetable dish. The coconut-based thick fish curry blends well with the rice and tastes heavenly. Most old Bangaloreans, who have been visiting this place for ages, just cant do without having the thali along with a kane fry.

Sunanda, an accountant says, “My office is located nearby and I have been working for the past ten years. All these years, I have been eating here with my colleagues at least twice a week. The food is simply great and I have noticed that the taste has not changed over the years. It is the same from the time I started eating here. My son likes the prawn biryani and I get him here often.”

Apart from the regular thali, the other main courses like prawn and fish biryani are a favourite amongst many who come here. Crab masala and rava pomfret fry are two fast-selling dishes. They are usually sold out in a jiffy and are the most-preferred starters. The fine rava sticks well to the fish and gives it a crunchy taste, which is why most customers like it. Also, the masala-fried seer fish is prepared with spicy ingredients and is apt for those who love spice. For those, who love Mangalore chicken dishes, the place has something good to offer — the kori roti and chicken gravy are very tasty.

Says Narayan G K, a businessman, “I have been eating here for the past seven years. I love the starters here like the kane fry, pomfret masala fry and a bowl of plain rice along with fish curry.”

“This is my perfect meal at the end of which, I have a glass of buttermilk and my day is made. The food is hygienic and so tasty that I just love it. Also, the waiters here are very sweet,” he adds.