New system bane or boon?

New system bane or boon?

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Dr K P Gopalkrishna, Chairman, National Public Schools said grading system allows for a healthy competition among students.  "Grading system is healthy, but it deprives the students especially those who have always topped their respective classes.  However, from next year CBSE X Board exams will be optional; it will not again allow the student to understand the seriousness of exams," he said.

Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal had announced last year that there will be no CBSE X Board exams and ideally this year's batch of students become the last batch to write compulsory board exams in their X standard.  

However, if CBSE students wish to change their syllabus and get into a Pre-university College, then the PU college  concerned will have to covert their Grade Points and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) into “indicative marks” and consider the percentiles allotted to each student.

Ratan Kumar, a student from Kendriya Vidyalaya ASC centre said he went ahead and submitted his percentile marks to join St Joseph’s College.  “PU colleges will consider our percentile marks, there is no problem with the new grading system,” he said.
Under the grading system, the results are given in the form of grades such as A1 for those who get 10 CGPA securing marks from 91-100. 

Similarly A2 gets 9 CGPA for marks from 81-90.  B1 - 8 CGPA - 71-80 marks; B2- 7 CGPA for 61-70 ; C1 - 6 CGPA - 51-60; C2- 5 CGPA - 41-50; D- 4 CGPA 33-40.
 Those with E1 and E2 grading will have to improve their performances through subsequent five attempts.