Fear of flying

Fear of flying

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Fear of flying

Ryan Fernandes
St Joseph’s Commerce College

“This was a horribly freakish and tragic accident, but I don’t see it happening again for a long time. Accidents happen everywhere, and even planned attacks like bomb blasts are becoming common. Since the number of plane accidents in proportion to the number of flights taken everyday is still very low, I can safely say that I will not be curtailing my air travel any time soon.”

Uday Badami
Christ University

“Personally, the incident hasn’t frightened me as I trust the safety precautions taken by the airlines. I also know that they will be more careful in the light of what just happened. Air travel is the safest and most convenient means of long distance travel. We may feel a little scared when those crash images flash through our minds but not enough to put us off from taking flights.”

Mount Carmel College

“Airline crashes on that scale and magnitude don’t happen  often. The terrible accident we just witnessed was due to a combination of different factors and the cause of this particular one is not yet clear. Airlines generally take the best precautions and I for one feel very safe aboard an aircraft.”

Mount Carmel College

“It’s very sad when innocent people are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time as happened in the Mangalore air crash. But that does not scare me off flying. Sometimes things happen which are beyond our control and you cannot let fear get the better of you and put your life on hold.”

Jyoti Nivas College

“Even though the crash has left a major impact on our psyche we cannot stop using planes to get to our destinations quickly and conveniently. Life is full of uncertainty.
We just have to learn to cope with it.”

Sahar Mansoor

“I think life is full of possible dangers anywhere you go. I myself survived a horrific car accident and was laid up for months. You can choose to be fearful of random things that may or may not happen or you can take life in the right spirit and live each day to its fullest. I choose to do the latter. Therefore, in spite of the horror of what happened to those passengers, I would take flights without hesitation.”

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