Prajusha pockets long jump title

Athletics: Indian Grand Prix:

Prajusha became only the fourth Indian woman to cross 6.50 metres, joining Anju George (6.83), JJ Shobha (6.66) and Pramila Aiyappa (6.56) with a leap of 6.55M to win the gold.
Her rivals, Mayukha Johny and Reshmi Bose, also delivered personal best performances, kicking the sand at 6.49M and 6.46M respectively – the first time three Indian long jumpers had crossed 6.40M at the same event.

Prajusha, who had a best of 6.36 metres previously, felt her first jump was wrongly measured at 5.97 when it was well over 6.50. But she brushed it aside with a superb second jump, her best on the day.

“I knew I had a big jump in me, it all came together today. The first jump was close to 6.60 but before they could measure again, the mark had been erased. But the next jump proved me right,” said the Railway athlete.

Mayukha’s 6.49 was three centimetres better than her previous best while Reshmi, who set the tone for the day, had come here with a best of 6.35.

Men: 200M: Manikanda Raj (Jharkhand) 21.38 seconds, 1; Jai Prakash Shetty (Karnataka) 21.84, 2; Ajay Kumar (BSF) 21.87, 3.

400M hurdles: Joseph Abraham (Railways) 50.57 seconds, 1; Satender Singh (Railways) 51.25, 2; Avin A Thomas (Railways) 51.50, 3.

Pole vault: Gajanan Upadhyay (Railways) 5.00 metres, 1; Vadivel (Railways) 4.85, 2; Bineesh Jacob (Railways) 4.70, 3.

Javelin: Samarjeet Singh (ONGC) 73.35 metres, 1; Kashinath Naik (Services) 71.40, 2; Vipin Panwar (Uttar Pradesh) 69.10, 3.

Women: 200M: Ch Shanti (Andhra Pradesh) 24.61 seconds, 1; Nirupama Sunderraj (Karnataka) 24.66, 2; Shilpa C (Kerala) 25.11, 3.

Long jump: MA Prajusha (Railways) 6.55 metres, 1; Mayookha Johny (ONGC) 6.49, 2; Reshmi Bose (Railways) 6.46, 3.

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