LTTE chief didn't have cyanide on him when caught

Sri Lankan troops did not find any cyanide capsule on the LTTE leader’s body after he was killed during the final phase of the war, while they recovered cyanide pills from many of the LTTE cadres and leaders killed in the military campaign.

“Prabhakaran did not have a cyanide capsule on him. We did not find any such thing. Many other LTTE cadres had capsules with them, but not Prabhakaran,” top defence sources said. The 54-year-old Tamil Tiger leader carried his identity card and other items with him which were later recovered.

Prabhakaran was reputed to have been wearing a cyanide capsule around his neck and encouraged his fighters to do the same, saying it was better to take their own life than be captured alive by Lankan soldiers.

Prabhakaran was in his uniform when he was shot dead and his dress was later removed to check for birth marks.

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