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Last Updated 04 July 2010, 10:40 IST

*Diet mantra:

I am a great foodie who doesn’t believe in diet. I always eat healthy food which has less fat and oil and keep myself away from beverages and pastries.

Lip-smacking food: All sorts of seafood especially that which are home-made.

Exercise regime: More than gymming, I would like to engage myself in sports. I play badminton, cycling and jog everyday.

Favourite gadgets: My Blackberry set. I tweet and chat with friends through it and it is very comfortable to handle.    

In my free time: I love cooking, listening to Indian classical music, adventure sports like river-rafting and trekking. I also enjoy reading non-fictional books especially autobiographies.  

Weekend rules: I would like to go out with my friends for dinner or movie.

Style statement: My mantra is to be innovative and look pretty. I would like to keep up with the latest trends but it should be comfortable.

Vacation spots: I love Rishikesh for its divine beauty. When it comes to foreign coutries, it is Santorini island in Greece.  

Books to browse : I am greatly inspired by the books written by Ayn Rand. I have read all her fictional works and my favourite among them is Fountainhead.

Movies to watch: There are so many but to list a few, The Pianist by Roman Polanski, Gone With the Wind, and Masoom in Hindi  

Favourite actors: I can’t mention any one person. But from the current generation, it is Ranbir Kapoor.

Actress I admire: Madhuri Dixit is my all-time favourite and my idol.

Musical inclination: It is Moon River by Audrey Hepburn.  

(Published 04 July 2010, 10:36 IST)

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