A place to unwind

A place to unwind

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A place to unwind

Amusement parks are a great escape from the daily grind for many Bangaloreans.
The proposed hub, pegged to be the largest in India will have about 8,000 residential units, a techno-city, media design centre, malls, science and technology parks, exhibition halls etc.

In addition to providing employment to a large number of people, it also promises to be pollution free.

 Bangaloreans have always felt that that the City is too crowded and they need a place to hang out with friends and families. However, does the City really need an amusement centre like this at a time when water and electricity is scarce? Bangaloreans voice their opinion.

Mamatha AshokMamatha Ashok

“It’s a great idea to have such an entertainment hub in the City. A thorough change is required for Bangaloreans. The malls, theatres, shopping complexes have become so monotonous. Now that this hub has been planned on the outskirts of the City it would also serve as a perfect getaway. We could spend the whole day there.”

S Gangadharaiah

“I don’t understand why the government is so keen on spending such huge amounts on entertainment when they can’t provide people with basic infrastructure such as good roads and pavements. When regular supply of water and electricity is still a problem, how can the government think of such a mammoth project? We don’t really need an amusement park. The whole thing is a farce. The government needs to get its priorities right.”

Arathi Acharya

“I don’t think Bangalore has enough places where people can go, chill out and have a good time. The malls, theatres and shopping complexes are always crowded. The entertainment hub would do a lot of good to people and would serve as a perfect place where the whole family can hang out.” 

Anand Ramanan
IT professional

“I think it's exciting to have an entertainment hub. Bangalore has always been looked upon as an amusement city and this could help spruce up that image. The government must also make arrangements to transport people across to the venue and traffic must be managed efficiently. People must be given enough avenues to enjoy and have a good time.”

Rafi Ali KhanRafi Ali Khan

“Bangalore is going to grow and I am glad that the government has started thinking about an entertainment hub of such a large scale. As the City grows, water and electricity will have to be provided. So the government might as well use this opportunity to plan its finances. What money techies spend abroad in entertainment, could be put back here in our country when this entertainment hub comes up.” 
Kavitha Kasargod

“I am looking forward to having an entertainment hub closer to the City. The government must find enough resources for an ever expanding City like ours. And I don’t think it should be a problem to find infrastructure for the entertainment hub. I am sure it would be a perfect place where we can take our children to and hang out with the family.”

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