Corporates bet big on Enterprise 2.0

Corporates bet big on Enterprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0 is a collaborative technology that helps in modifying corporate intranets using social media platforms. IBM Lotus Connections, IBM Lotus Quickr, Microsoft SharePoint, Yammer, Oracle Beehive, Oracle WebCentre, Google are some of major social platform vendors.

Technology trends
According to IDC report social platforms emerged as one of leading technology trends for many corporates, as they are looking easy ways to collaborate, interact and share data. Earlier organisations followed structured path for communication where information flowed from top to bottom and very rarely few suggestions from bottom to top. But with changing organisational strategies communication has become across the organisation and there is no more top to bottom/bottom to top models. Technological advancements have helped organisations achieve this.

“Enterprise 2.0 changes structured order of communication flow within organisation,” said Oracle India Fusion Middleware Sales Consulting Senior Director Dhruv Singhal. “The adoption of social media platform will help organisation to give secure access to clients and customers for creating effective communication. In India Web 2.0 trend is evolving faster, more and more enterprises are absorbing it,” he added.

Employee participation
Cisco India & SAARC Corporate Communications Head Varghese Thomas said “Cisco IT and corporate communications have been helping to bring Web 2.0 tools into enterprise and integrating them with video and other unified communications technologies on the network.”

With enterprise 2.0 technology companies can use their intranet to increase confidence level of employees as it offers a platform for interaction with each other within organisation. It enhances productivity and helps maximising employee participation and cross team collaboration.

“Most organisations rely on innovation and sharing of new ideas across the company to stay competitive. Enterprise 2.0 technologies help unleash ideas and improve problem solving by unlocking the power of everyone in the orgaisation,” said SunGard Technology Services Vice-President—HR Sanjay Mitra.

Oracle, a major vendor of social platform sees huge opportunity for social media not only in IT sector but also in verticals like automobile, banking, etc. Further, companies use social tools such as wikis, blogs, and social bookmarking, to create an office synergy that leads to increased communication and productivity.
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