Grass on the other side is truly green

Grass on the other side is truly green

Grass on the other side is truly green

KGF is close to Kuppam in Andhra Pradesh and Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu and is also a important transit point. Thanks to the negligence and apathy of the Public Works Department, the roads in the border areas continue to remain in pathetic condition.

Unfulfilled dream

The utilisation of Border Development Fund for the upgradation of roads still remains a dream. Incidently, the same roads on the other side of the borders are in good condition.
Three prominent roads from KGF lead to the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh while one leads to Tamil Nadu. There are also many village roads which can be accessed to reach neighbouring States.

Of them, the road leading to V Kota in Andhra Pradesh via Bethamangala has a high volume of traffic. However, due to the limited width of the road, the vehicles coming in the opposite direction have to get off the road to make way for other vehicle.

It is a similar situation in KGF-Kamasamudra road leading to Tamil Nadu. The road leading to Kuppam in Andhra Pradesh from KGF is also facing the same problem. However, the same road on the other side of the border is in good condition due to the efforts of former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu.

The condition of roads in the KGF city is no different either. The City Municipal Council has not been able to upgrade the existing roads.

Incidentally, the roads constructed by BGML near the mine is in a good condition, reflecting the dedication of the BGML officers.