Water woes continue at HRBR Layout

Water woes continue at HRBR Layout

The Layout has been receiving water supply only once a week while other parts of Bangalore are lucky enough to get water on alternate days. The people are buying water by paying Rs 500 per tanker. They have to go through this ordeal twice a week.

Irregular supply

This situation has persisted in HRBR Layout for the last three months as water supply was fairly regular earlier. Repeated complaints to the BWSSB about the irregular water supply has not yielded any results.

Mohammed Sait, a resident whose family has had to rely exclusively on the tankers said: “We filed many complaints with the BWSSB office, but no action has been taken by them.”
The 500-odd families in this area  have to spend more to buy water through tankers frequently. Water requirements are costing each family Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000 per month.
The residents have requested the BWSSB to ensure that the water supplied to the Layout was clean.

Mohammed Ibrahim, another resident of the area said: “The quality of the water is questionable. Quite often the water is not potable as it carries a stench. Keeping a water purifier does not help as the stink does not go.” Residents are also upset about the fact that BWSSB has not responded to their complaints.