Shop-owners jittery over road widening rumours

Shop-owners jittery over road widening rumours

 With the Metro rail project going on full throttle, BBMP, on a road-widening spree has proven to be a boon for rumour-mongers and a bane to many citizens.

There have been several reports about people making money through spreading rumours saying government authorities will widen a particular road that may destruct buildings and that they will save the building for a royalty.

In a similar case, with controversies in relation to the Someshwara Temple just settling down in the vicinity, rumours having been doing rounds that Bazaar Street (Ulsoor Market Road) will be widened by 10 feet, giving jitters to shopkeepers. Even as there has not been an instance of extortion yet, the rumour has seen many shop-owners vying to relocate in panic.

Uday Kumar, a vendor on Bazaar Street said: “we’ve been hearing that this road will be widened and that our shops could go,” adding “we already have such small places and with five feet to ten feet scheduled to go we’ll be left with nothing.” Senthil, who runs a photocopy and STD booth on the street has looked at another place for his shop, fearing the same.

The BBMP, however, says that there is no such project planned in the market area. “We’ve not been instructed on any such thing. So there’s no question of action,” an official said.
When  contacted the local corporator Uday Kumar, who also has an office on the same road said: “I’m not aware of such a development either. these are just rumours.”