434 differently-abled receive on spot offers at job fair

3,300 candidates, 41 private firms take part in event
Last Updated 18 July 2010, 19:44 IST
434 differently-abled receive  on spot offers at job fair

“We  shall overcome someday...” joyfully sang Rekha as she was handed over the offer letter for her new job. The song aptly defined the spirit of the differently-abled girl to conquer the world. She had come all the way from Gulbarga to participate in the fair organised at Christ School.

There are many like Rekha, who despite being differently-abled have a strong will and strength to compete with their normal counterparts.

Abdul Mujeeb started of as a receptionist for more than 4 years, got rejected for not possessing the right qualification for a corporate job. But he had a firm belief that that his skills would be recognised over his qualification.

“Today I feel I am more efficient than the educated because I possess better skills,” a beaming Mujeeb said with confidence. He was selected as voice executive at Accenture.

“These people do not need sympathy. All they deserve is opportunities and recognition. The participation from the corporate sector reflects a paradigm shift in the perception of society towards the differently-abled,” said Dr Vishnukant Chattapalli, Executive Director of Karnataka Vocational Training and  Skill Development Corporation.

More fairs sought

The participants emphasised on the need to conduct such job fairs once in three months, and also at district levels.

A few of them requested a job fair exclusively for the mentally ill and mentally retarded.
Disability may be of any kind, but happiness to begin a new life was common sight at the fair.

“Feel proud”

“When I walk out and people stare at me, I feel proud rather than inferior for being differently-abled” Mujeeb said as he walked out with his compatriots.

Over 3,300 differently-abled took part in the job fair of which 141 received offer letters from 41 participating companies. Karnataka Vocational Training and  Skill Development Corporation, Department of Employment and Training and Department of Welfare of Disabled and Senior Citizens had jointly organised the fair.

(Published 18 July 2010, 19:44 IST)

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