EPIC coverage in Bangalore only 50 pc

Deputy Commissioner of Bangalore Urban, M K Aiyappa, who is also the district election officer, told mediapersons on Wednesday that a drive was launched across Bangalore to have 100 per cent EPIC coverage following a directive from the Election Commission of India (ECI). This drive is aimed at issuing EPIC to those whose name is enrolled in the January 1, 2010 voters’ list.

Yet to get

In Bangalore Urban district, 8.34 lakh people were not having EPICs. Since June 1, EPICs have been given to 1.74 lakh people, but approximately 6.5 lakh people are still to get it.
Aiyappa has appealed to the people to come forward and get their EPICs before July 31 when the drive would come to an end.

He warned that people without EPIC will not be allowed to vote in the next election.
Aiyappa told reporters that Bangalore has about 65 lakh voters out of which merely 33 lakh people have EPIC.

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