Soft and mellow classics


Soft and mellow classics

These music-lovers were in for a real treat last weekend as the band took the spotlight as part of the Reliance TimeOut Rock Fest 2010. The band comprises three members — Sheela on vocals, Claude on keyboard and percussions and Sidharth on guitar, vocals and harmonica. 

An offshoot of a band called Blues Before Sunrise, this was Peas & Carrots’ third performance in the City. As the three talented musicians entertained the audience with their renditions of popular classics, they also explained how the unusual name of the band came about. It was Sheela and her twin, in other words, two ‘peas in a pod’, who inspired the trio to come with the name Peas & Carrots. And carrots go as a side dish, they laughed. 

And it was not just classics that the band performed, the trio also sang current hits like Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours, Amy Winehouse’s Valerie and Macy Gray’s Don’t Forget Me. Eric Clapton’s Motherless Child was performed well by both the boys of the band, as Sheela stepped aside and cheered them on. The band went on to play various numbers of The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel. While the trio performed Here Comes The Sun and Michelle by The Beatles, their rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s Love Me Like A Rock was appreciated too. The band also played a few compositions of their own, like Change Your Mind.

Said Sheela, the lead singer of the band, “As part of Peas & Carrots, we decided to do slower acoustic numbers.” Elated at the turnout of the show, she exclaimed, “It was quite unexpected. In fact, most people who came for the show, were either rock or Hindustani classical music lovers, or people who generally don’t go for gigs. It was delighting to see them enjoying the music.” She added, “It was a great venue and the audience seemed to enjoy the faster numbers in particular. I hope we get an
opportunity to perform a similar concert again.”

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