Asare inaugurated

Asare, a home for special children can accommodate 32 children. Speaking on the occasion, Home Minister Dr V  S Acharya assured all support to Archana Trust.

He said the Women and Child Welfare department had already been told to make grants available for ‘Asare.’ However, as per rules, the grants in such cases can only be made available after 24 months.  “Our culture is known for service and sacrifice. Special children should be treated specially and provided more facilities,” he said. 

There are 156 such centres in the state. Four of them are under the state government, 30 are run by NGOs and the remaining 121 are under the centre’s block grant.

Archana Trust Chairman Jai Vittal said the Trust is planning to start a pre-school for special children next year. And, a website on Archana Trust would soon be launched by Tech Epsilon

MLA Raghupathy Bhat, Junior Pontiff of Pejawara Adhokshaja Mutt, Manipal University Chancellor Dr Ramdas M Pai, Pro-Chancellor Dr H S Ballal, Vice-Chancellor Dr Raj Warrier, Registrar Dr G K  Prabhu and other officials of the university and Archana Trust were present.

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