Villagers chase away Maoists

Villagers chase away Maoists

Two youths came on a motorbike to Nischinta village near Lodhasoli and asked the villagers to gather for a meeting by PCPA, a frontal organisation of the Maoists, in neighbouring Nohoria village last night, police said.

As the villagers declined, about 14 Peoples Committee against Police Atrocities (PCPA) activists on motorbikes came to Nischinta and threatened them.

Enraged villagers chased the PCPA activists with sticks and bows and arrows, and caught one of them along with his bike, they said.

They tied up the youth and reported the incident to the police, which reached the village this morning. However, the villagers refused to hand over the Maoist to police, and demanding setting up of a police camp there.

Police said a search has been launched to trace the Maoist, an active member of the PCPA.