CWG are India's Games not of Mani or Kalmadi: Cong MP

CWG are India's Games not of Mani or Kalmadi: Cong MP

A lot of people, including former Sports Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar, are staunch critics of the Games who believe that the country did not need the event and all the spending on it was sheer waste of money.

The bickering reached a crescendo when Aiyar said he would be unhappy if the Games will be conducted successfully and reacting to it Organising Committee Chairman Kalmadi termed the fellow Congress leader as anti-national.

Shukla said it's time that everyone forgets the difference and work towards a brilliant organisation of the Games, scheduled for October 3-14 here.

"These are India's Games not of Mani Shakar's or Kalmadi's. This is not the time for criticism or counter criticism. Only 60 days are left and now we all should work towards a successful conduct of the Games," Shukla told reporters outside the Parliament.

"The issues can be discussed after the Games," he added.

The build up to the Games has already been marred by delay in the completion of the venues and reports of alleged corruption in the creation of infrastructure.