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These are our new corporators

On Independence Day, a private Kannada news channel, decided to telecast a very interesting but damning program. Several newly elected Corporators were interviewed and were asked four questions: 1) When did we get Independence 2) Who wrote the National anthem   3) What are the colors in our National flag and 4) What is the full name of Gandhiji.

While one might laugh at the atrocious knowledge that the corporators’ displayed, it is really sad that political parties have ignored the area of 'education' and 'induction' of it's candidates into electoral politics. Parties see only 'winnability' as the main criteria for selecting candidates for elections. Even now, it would be ideal if all those who have managed to get elected to the Corporation are put through a month's program on 'Know your Country".

How can one expect any commitment from such ignorant Corporators? Several Corporators were just giggling when they were asked" When did India get Independence? "Many did not even know who Mahatma Gandhi was. Still worse one Corporator said that the Indian flag was white, yellow and orange!


Perhaps, as one seasoned Corporator put it: "Last time, when I got elected, I made just Rs. three crores, this time I shall make Rs. five crores"!!! If all those who have become Corporators with such personal agendas, then we can expect more epidemics like cholera, malaria, typhoid, etc to spread, rather than the present dengue and H1N1 fewer/deaths !



Sakrama needed

Law can be framed, modified or nullified in the interest of a majority of the people. There are set of people who raise objection or get a stay from court on anything. The authorities concerned should look into the interests of the people and implement Akrama Sakrama scheme. Citizens who are ready to pay betterment charges for constructions should be allowed. It is the government’s duty to vacate the stay order in the larger interest its citizen.

S Soundar Raja



Qualified faculty

This refers to ‘Lack of qualified faculty worries Sibal’ (DH, Aug 18). Although there are qualified teachers there are no adequate funds for their appointment. The state governments permit appointment of teachers against vacancy on condition that the university has to bear the salary of such teachers. Due to formation of separate universities for medical and engineering education, sources of revenue have drastically reduced to the main universities. It is impossible for many universities to bear the salary. This has resulted in running the show with part-time faculty.




Failure of Kerala government

 This refers to ‘Madani brought to Bangalore’ (DH, Aug 18). Never before has India witnessed such a shocking spectacle of a man wanted by the law holding out against the police in so brazen manner. Madani’s goons pelted stones at police when they arrived to execute the warrant issued against him. The Kerala police, which was supposed to arrest him, should have cracked down on Madani’s supporters and enforced the writ of the state. Instead, the police chose to remain idle spectators, almost awestruck by Madani’s arrogance and audacity.




Media’s undue publicity

The media covered Madani’s arrest as if he is a statesman of national or international fame. Even terrorists like Osama bin Laden would not have matched this coverage in-case of his arrest. Such media glorification would help Madani to become a political leader without taking much trouble.

A Uma Devi



Women in live-in relationship should get all benefits


As per the recent verdict of the Apex Court, a long term live-in relationship is to be treated on par with that of a marriage. Then logically, the woman, who seeks to terminate such a relationship, should be entitled to all the benefits from her former mate like maintenance, share in property and custody of any minor children begot out of this relationship. Such a scenario can not be ruled out in the context of the rapid spread of the western culture in our society.

Arun Malankar

Mere apology not enough


This is with reference to the article: "BSY sorry for Bache Gowda's assault drama". It is totally shameful on the part of the Minister. The arrogance shown by him to the businessmen, for overtaking his car, shows his poor concern towards the common man.  Such instances should not be encouraged. And the Chief Minister should not end up this issue just by apologizing; rather he should take some strict action against the Minister.  





Who is good Prime Minister Nehru or Manmohan Singh?


This is with reference to the PTI news item ' Absolute Khushwant '( DH,wed ) wherein, Kushwant Singh stating that Manmohan Singh is the best prime minister India has had, goes out of the way in passing uncharitable comments on Pandit Nehru.


Nehru has been hailed as the architect of modern India and has been credited with making India an industrial country. Comparing Manmohan with Nehru is odious and uncalled for.


In Kushwant Singh's opinion Manmohan Singh may have a free and extremely good mind, but this quality alone does not make a good prime minister. Nehru could have had minor faults, but his contribution to the country is enormous and unparalleled. Even earlier, similar sentiments have been expressed by the author in your columns. It is time that your esteemed paper does not edit such degrading remarks on a man who has been called as the 'Jewel of India' in your editorial on the death of Nehru in 1964.

Incidentally, your editorial on that day has been one of the best write-ups on the personality of Nehru and his achievements.

T K Nagarajan,



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