Daddy's day out

Proud Of Papa: Sapana with her father

The City is all geared up to celebrate Father’s Day which falls tomorrow. Metrolife speaks to a few Bangalore-based youngsters, who are away from their fathers to find out their plans for the day, and the bond they share with their heroes.

Tania, an assistant manager will be calling and wishing her father who is in Manipur. “If I send him something, he’ll ask me why am I wasting money. But I would love to spend the day with him.” As someone who believes in the concept of Father’s Day, she says, “We give so much importance to Women and Mother’s Day. No doubt they are important but dads are equally important. My dad left no stone unturned to be a great father. He
deserves a day to celebrate him just like mom has hers.” She describes her dad as someone, “Who means love, life, strength, support, laughter, fun, compassion, some screams, more life and more love.”

Jyothi Ravichandran, a student of Christ College, whose parents are settled abroad has not given a thought on what she will be doing on Father’s Day. “I am not aware of such days actually,” she says frankly. However, she is all for promoting good relationships. “Since it’s a Sunday, and my parents are in town, we may go out for a movie,” she laughs. “Actually it’s my father’s birthday just a day before Father’s Day, so we may have double celebrations.” “The concept of Father’s Day is all in people’s heads,” feels Waseem, a network sales specialist. “Why not celebrate your dad’s birthday as Father’s Day,” he asks. His father has been travelling due to his job commitments ever since Waseem was five. “When my sister and I were kids, it didn’t make a difference to us. But now, it matters when he is not there most of the times.” He has an advice for everyone on the occasion. “Rather than giving a silly cup with ‘I Love You Dad’ written on it, show your parents how much you care.”

Says Sapana, a quality analyst who comes from Manipur, “As cliched as it may sound, I will call dad and thank him for being my guardian angel. Being a girl coming from the small town of Imphal, he encouraged me to chase my dreams.” Sapana is proud to be her “daddy’s girl”. “People say I am the carbon copy of my dad. We were born on the same day of the week and resemble each other a lot. We even have similar views.”  
She remembers the time her dad played a prank on her when she was a child. “He put on his helmet and started walking towards me and my younger brother and sister like a robot. We were terrified thinking it’s a monster coming to eat us,” she laughs. “We ran straight to the kitchen to our mother, who gave him a long lecture,” she recollects. “But later, he hugged the three of us,” she says nostalgically.

Tania also recollects a funny moment. “During a college summer vacation, I asked my dad to get me hair oil and he came home with Johnson’s baby hair oil. He said he thought I still used it.” Well, it’s moments like these that make Father’s Day all the more special, don’t they?

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