Udupi tops in curbing T&D loss

Mescom betters demand side management

Bangalore, once second in the country for the best demand side management with T&D loss of 9.5 per cent in 2004-05, has given way to Udupi, which has successfully brought down the loss to a record 6.9 percent.

No energy audit

The Bescom sources attributed the downslide to lack of energy audit of distribution transformers and other power management exercises, which could actually bring down the loss.

Distribution transformer and consumer meters should be simultaneously analysed to detect defective and slow recording meters. “A separate team which was working on auditing way back in 2004 has not been utilised properly,” a source pointed out.

The Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) in 2001 had directed to install meters for all electrical installations except IP sets. However, the task of metering street lights is yet to be taken up, officials in the power sector said. Sources also attributed the increasing loss to frequent transformer failures.

A power expert in the City said the Bescom has failed to conform to the norm that 11 KV and LT lines (consumer lines) should be in 1:2 proportion to prevent loss during transmission and distribution. Sources cited increasing transformer failure is another reason for the loss.  


On the other hand, Mescom has effectively taken up demand side management by installing high voltage distribution systems and replacing high capacity transformers with low capacity ones. “ For instance, 250 KV transformers have been replaced with 66 KV transformers for effective transmission,” Sumanth, MD, Mescom told Deccan Herald.

Acting on the guidelines issued by Union Ministry of Energy, Mescom has also introduced three star transformers, which are effective in minimising losses. “The Indian Standard (IS) transformers, which are normally used, specifies certain losses compared to three star transformers,” he said.

He also said that the Udupi now has five feeders compared to two feeders earlier, which helps in effective loss management.

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