'I speak my mind'


'I speak my mind'

Saroj Khan. Dh Photo by Manjunath M S

Her dance moves have been a guide for many an actress in Bollywood. Having portrayed lyrics through expressions for decades, there is still something very magical about ace choreographer Saroj Khan that makes many wanting to dance to her tunes.

Interestingly, Saroj has never had a background in classical dance, yet her choreography has a lot of classical touch to it.

“I dance from the spirit of music where I can really feel the movement, hence I have never felt the need to learn classical dance. There is only a fine line of difference between classical and Bollywood, I try to merge the two,” says Saroj, who was in the City recently for a dance workshop.

Known as a task master, Saroj says that there is no point in dancing Bollywood numbers if one does not get it right.

“Today, actors aren’t taking the trouble to put in that extra effort for a dance sequence. I know that a lot of heroines are scared to train under me. But I can’t stand bad dancers, that’s why I tend to lose my temper if they don’t get the steps right,” says Saroj, who feels that Kareena Kapoor is her favourite student amongst today’s actresses.

Ask her about Bollywood dance of today, she quickly responds, “The style that was there a few years ago is not there anymore. A lot has changed but I wouldn’t say it is for the better. Most of the steps look very pale and repetitive. However, one has to change with the times and incorporate what producers and directors demand these days.”  Her razor sharp comments can take anyone by surprise, especially when you get her talking about new age choreographers.

Be it about her visible dislike towards Farha Khan’s dance style or her sudden change of mind towards Vaibhavi Merchant.

“I feel Farah Khan has good PR skills and a good godfather in Shah Rukh Khan. At the same time I do find Vaibhavi to be a promising choreographer,” she adds.

Being diplomatic with her answers is not Saroj’s cup of tea, “What do I have to fear about? They don’t earn my rozi. I don’t have anything personal against any of them but I say what I feel,” she explains.

Having choreographed most of the stars, Saroj says with full delight that there is still one actress she is longing to choreograph, “I am looking forward to choreographing Vidya Balan. After seeing her in pal pal... song in Lage Raho Munnabhai, I feel she has the potential to become the next Madhuri Dixit,” says Saroj.

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