The Field Mouse

Across the field scampered a mouse in grey,
Seeming pretty busy and having no time to play,
It nibbled a corn and twitched its nose,
Stopped a while to smell a rose.
 Crawled into a house, how hard could it seem?
Made the pretty ladies wake up and scream,
It ran into the garden and hid behind a tree,
And clung on to a branch for its own safety.
When all was quiet,
And there was no sign of drama being built,
It quietly scampered back to its home in the field.

Ananya Vasudev,
NAFL, Age 9

On a swing

 Is there anyone who doesn’t like to swing?
Its so fun, you are ready to sing,
Up above, you can see everything,
Which is why I like to swing.
There are colourful flowers pink and blue,
I can see purple ones too,
I don’t feel myself any more and I feel quite new,
Which is why I like to swing.
The breeze is whipping through my hair,
Its becoming dark and I don’t care,
I feel I fear nothing and can’t possibly get a scare,
Which is why I like to swing.
Its dinner time and I can hear my mom call my name,
I have stopped feeling different and I’m feeling the same,
Swing time’s over which is quite a shame,
But I know I’ll be back on the swing once again.

Ananya Vasudev

The Land  Beyond
 Where there are tall mountains and open valleys,
And beautiful, bright green trees,
And the blue bird sings and flies through the open fields,
Which lead to the open blue sea.
It’s where the puffy white clouds are nowhere in sight,
And the sky is a magnificent blue,
And you may ask what land has all these features,
I know so I’ll give you a clue,
Its where gorgeous flowers bloom here and there,
Their stems swishing like wands,
If you believe in it, it’ll be in your dreams for years,
And its called ‘The Land Beyond’.

Ananya Vasudev

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