Ramesh Babu autographs a new world record

Ramesh Babu autographs a new world record

 A metallurgy scientist with doctorate from IISc, 53-year-old Babu continued with his passion of creating world records when he autographed 2,272 photographs in an hour, which is claimed to be highest in the world. To testify his claim, Forensic Science Officer of the police department Shankarappa and the branch manager of the IISc Branch of the State Bank of India Allam Prabhu G Shetty were present as eye-witnesses.

After breaking the record, Ramesh Babu said he had set 39 world records including the latest one and seven national records. He set world records in table tennis, shuttle badminton, kite making, bridling and flying, cycling, scooter driving, lawn tennis, throw ball, basket ball, carroms, oratory and so on.

This scientist is credited with giving non-stop lecture for 26 hours in order to create a world record. He was one among the twenty people to get the life-time achievers’ award, which was given to him by the Limca Book of Records. Presently Dr Babu is the founder director of the “Top of the World” Centre for Excellence.

Dr Babu aims to make a mark as a scientist by working in unexplored areas to generate new knowledge, develop novel experimental techniques and economise steel making processes and to be the Indian with maximum world records.

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