A celebration of diversity

A celebration of diversity

Vivid Colours

A celebration of diversity

The Bhasha Utsav, as it is popularly know, has become a tradition and students plan months in advance on what they are going to wear.

It sure is a joy to see such harmony and diversity of cultures existing on the campus.
While majority of the students were dressed in colourful saris, sherwanis and kurtas, there were a few who notched up the ethnicity to the next level by wearing a traditional Tibetan attire, a Naga skirt, a Kodava style sari and suit, a Punjabi dress.

There were others who even sourced in a traditional Japanese costume and a king’s costume from the Ivory Coast. Says Fa, a Japanese student at Christ University, “This is one day I get to show my friends a little more about my place and my culture, I didn’t have the dress with me but I got it shipped just for this day.”

A special programme was conducted wherein students put up a stage show showcasing their cultural dances as well.  The performances included bhangra from Punjab, kolatta from Karnataka, and many more dances representing different states.

The dances were so good that it looked like they were done by thorough  professionals. “It was really interesting to see dances like Samul Nori, a dance from Korea and even the Bhangra was a fun and peppy number. The Bhasha Utsav totally transforms the college into a bundle of energy,” says Srinivas, a student.

Aptly said, the energy was all around. There was not a soul in the class as the entire college was out on the campus capturing every moment in their cameras.  And when the drums started rolling, the dancing in front of the main block didn’t stop for hours together.

Students went all out to showcase the spirit of the college and the celebrations went on to a whole new level.  The highlight of the festival was the four folk groups — Dollu Kunita, Hulivesha, Pata Kunita and Naiyandi Melam, which gave them an insight into the folklore of the State.

“We are always talking about religious clashes but it’s during such fests we realise how similar we all are. Despite being from different background, not once have I felt that I am from a particular religion. We feel we are one and that’s what Bhasha Utsav is all about. One gets to not only understand one’s language but also celebrate the diversity we live in,” says Bensy, a B Com (Tourism) student.