'It's an easy place'

'It's an easy place'

'It's an easy place'

At home: Paolo and Maggie with their daughters Viviana and Francesca. DH photo by Kishor Kumar Bolar

Though they have been in the City for only a short period of time, they can easily pass off as old Bangaloreans.

Such is their love for namma Bengaluru that they can’t stop talking about it.
Meet the British-Italian husband and wife duo — Paolo and Maggie Lanzarotti, and their two children — Francesca and Viviana. Paolo is the Managing Director of SABMiller India and Maggie, a stay-at-home mom.

Absolutely in love with namma Bengaluru, they go on and on about the City, which has proved to be a warm home for them. Though Paolo came here in September 2009, Maggie joined him in January 2010 and they have been happily residing in Raj Mahal Vilas (RMV) since then.

Born in the UK, both Paolo and Maggie have lived in a lot of places like Rome and Paris due to Paolo’s work. They came to India in 2000 and resided in Delhi for four years. So though India is not new to them, Bangalore surely is. “It’s an easy place to live in,” exclaims Maggie about the City. “Everyone is easy-going and friendly and you have people from so many countries residing here. Besides, the weather is just wonderful,” she adds. Paolo, who works in Yeshwantpur, simply loves the City too.

“There are so many places to see here. And the nightlife is extremely good,” he is all praises. “So is the day life,” he adds jokingly. 

Being a busy corporate, Paolo admits he rarely gets any free time.  “But whenever I get some, I enjoy travelling and cooking,” he smiles. Paolo’s cooking skills were put to test recently at a charity event where he had to turn chef for a fundraiser. Maggie adds with smile, “He makes fantastic fettuccine mushroom pasta.”

Maggie had a full-time job at the American Express in Rome, and is now enjoying spending quality time at home with her family. 

“I am totally involved with my children and their school. I also love meeting new people and building a network of friends. I meet a lot of new people thanks to my children’s school.”  Speaking of the kids, Viviana is a vivacious 9-year-old while Francesca is a cute 11-year-old. The two study in Stonebrook High School.

 “We love our school and have many friends there,” say the two of them.

As far as problems are concerned when it comes to living in a new City, the family admits they haven’t faced any.

The four of them speak Italian at home and communicate to everyone else in English. “It’s quite easy to communicate in English as everyone speaks English here,” says Maggie.

Paolo admits he has seen a bit of Indian movies and heard some Indian music. “And I have heard of Bollywood of course,” he laughs. Maggie is gradually learning how to prepare Indian food. “I have a lovely Indian maid. She teaches me Indian food while I teach her Italian,” she says excitedly.

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