Plenty of work remains: Fennell

Plenty of work remains: Fennell

Indias image dented: CGF chief

Plenty of work remains: Fennell

Fennell, who visited the Games Village on Friday, expressed his satisfaction with the overlay works that gained much-needed momentum with just days to go for the big bash. “I appreciate the amount of work that has been done till now, but the work has to continue with the same momentum for a few more days. This evening, I will again inspect the Village to make sure the momentum is not lost,” Fennell said at a joint press meet with CGF CEO Mike Hooper and CWG Organising Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi.

"I'm well aware that we could say to them this should have been done before, yes, but right now, we're concentrating on getting it right, and all systems are geared towards ensuring that the remedial work that's necessary is done and completed in time," Fennell added.

The CGF chief said there were areas other than cleanliness to be sorted out but hoped everything would fall in place before the opening ceremony on October 3. “There are problems in transportation, security, medical service and technology. The Indian organising committee is responding to the needs in a very positive way. In the next few days, things will be sorted out,” Fennell said.

Fennell described the international zone at the Games Village as world-class and also appreciated the dining facilities.

 “I had my lunch yesterday (Friday) at the Village and it was excellent. Obviously, food is a very important part of an athlete during the Games,” Fennell said.

The Jamaican said everyone in the CWG management was equally responsible for the lack of preparedness. “We all have to share the blame and responsibility. But once the problems are sorted out, we are going to have a good Games.”

Fennell also urged his team members to stop criticising each other and shift their focus to help organise a safe and successful Games. “If we are committed to the same goal, we should not find faults and criticise each other because we all want is that the Games are celebrated properly. Stop the blame game and focus on the goal in hand,” he reiterated.
Terming the entire episode as a learning process for both the hosts and the CGF, Fennell said it also projected India’s image in poor light.

 “A lot of damage has been done to the image of India, which is the largest Commonwealth country. This is a learning process for India to host events in future as well. I think India would have learnt a lesson while we also learnt a lesson,” he said.  But despite the controversy-marred build-up, Fennell asserted that calling off the Games was never on CGF’s agenda. “The happy news is that all the 71 nations will participate and the Games will go on,” Fennell added.