'Use nanoscience selectively'

'Use nanoscience selectively'

Seminar on information storage held at Teresian College

'Use nanoscience selectively'

He was speaking at a seminar on ‘Nanoscience and Information Storage’ organised at Teresian PU College in the city on Saturday.

Dr Kumar said that nanotechnology had been improving due to the availability of the right tools needed to study nano particles. He said that the need to reduce size of devices was thought about during the 1960s, but suitable equipment was unavailable. But, nowadays due to the rapid advancement of technology, it is taking place at a faster rate, he said.

Mentioning the need to use nanoscience selectively, he said that if nanotechnology is used on materials such as iron or copper then they will lose their property.Describing the effect of nanotechnology on information storage, Dr Kumar said that huge information being generated everyday. In order to store such a large amount of data, it is necessary that the size of the devices should be reduced to store more information. The space restrictions can be resolved by using nanotechnology, he added.

Cultural programmes

The saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” has definitely been taken seriously by the college. Apart from the technological seminar, the students were entertained by their classmates, who participated in the cultural programmes organised on the occasion. The dance troupe belonging to school was given a rousing reception by the audience when they performed to their favourite music tracks.

Earlier, Dr Anil Kumar distributed prizes to the winners of the intra-college competitions held at the college recently. Dr Sudha Rao Alike, former Vice Chancellor of KSOU, College principal Prafula were present.