Ramakrishna Mutt gets vermicompost unit

Ramakrishna Mutt gets vermicompost unit

A vermicompost plant and drinking water treatment unit were inaugurated on the Ramakrishna Mutt premises in Mangaluru on Sunday.

Mangaluru South MLA Vedavyas Kamath inaugurated the clean drinking water unit.

He said that by setting up the vermicompost unit and a clean drinking water unit, the Ramakrishna Mission has set up a good standard.

He also called upon children to develop good character and contribute to the development of the nation.

SKF Elixer India Pvt Ltd managing director Ramakrishna Achar said that the clean drinking water plant with 200-litre storage capacity. One litre of drinking water can be obtained by inserting a one rupee coin into the unit.

The public filling counters are suitable for religious institutions, banks, hostels, hospitals and such other places. The units can replace plastic bottles, he suggested.

St Aloysius College former professor in Zoology Dr Hareesh Joshy said that the vermicompost unit contains two tanks which together produce vermicompost up to 5 tonne per year. Earthworms, kitchen waste, dry leaves and cow dung are added to the tanks. Vermicompost will be ready for harvest after 3 to 4 months. The unit is scientifically built with proper measures to prevent predators attacking or feeding upon the earthworms, the professor explained.

Drinking water units were handed over to schools. School stationery were also distributed to students on the occasion.