Tribals celebrate unique festival in Gonikoppa

Tribals celebrate unique festival in Gonikoppa

Tribals dress up in weird costumes to celebrate 'kunde habba' on Devarapura temple premises near Titimathi, Gonikoppa, Kodagu district.

Tribals celebrated ‘Kunde Habba’, a unique festival at Devarapura near Titimathi on Thursday.

Dressed in weird costumes, they used abusive language and begged for money from people, as part of the festivities.

The festival started on Wednesday. Various tribal groups such as Jenukurubas, Yaravas and Kadukurubas beat drums and went
from door-to-door, seeking money.

They had worn weird attires and their vulgar gestures embarrassed the public. If anyone refused to give money, they were taken to task in a foul language.

Various teams of tribals gathered near Bhadrakali temple in the afternoon. They arrived from Dubare, Siddapura, Virajpet, Balele, Ponnampet, Kutta, Srimangala, Panchavalli, Booditittu, Basavanahalli and surrounding villages.

They used plastic drums and old tin containers to create various sounds. Most of them were dressed as women and smeared various colours on their body. Some of them even tied leaves, rags and other accessories. Even though consumption of liquor was banned, some were found in an inebriated state.

A horse owned by Sannuvanda family arrived at the Bhadrakali temple as per the tradition.

Devotees offered hens to the deity to fulfil their vows. People tried to catch the hens as part of a competition.

Hundreds of people gathered near the temple to witness the event.

The tribals, who took part in the ‘Kunde Jabba’, offered the money collected from people to the deity and apologised for their bad gestures, which is also part of the festivities.

Police personnel were deployed as a precautionary measure.