Sait blames Sangh Parivar for viral 'Pro-Pak' slogan video

Sait blames Sangh Parivar for viral 'Pro-Pak' slogan video

A video depicting Congress candidate Firoz Sait filing his nomination in a recent Congress event and accompanied by a large number of supporters has turned controversial because someone in the group allegedly raised pro-Pakistan slogans. 

Sait after learning about the video, hurriedly convened a press conference here on Wednesday at his party office located on Dr B R Ambedkar Road and categorically denied that pro-Pakistan slogans were raised by his supporters. 

He claimed that some supporters raised slogans in favour of Azim Patavegar with whom he had broken all ties long ago.

"Sangh Parivar organisations like RSS, VHP, ABVP and BJP have made the video viral in a bid to wrest Belagavi North Constituency from the Congress," he alleged.

The video depicts live images of Firoz Sait heading for nomination filing along with his supporters who are shouting slogans in favour of Sait and the Congress party.

Some of them are allegedly heard shouting “Pakistan Zindabad”. This Sait has categorically denied. 

Sait, who screened the audiovisual clip at the press conference asked media persons to point out if there was any such objectionable content in it. If present, he said he would lodge a complaint with the cyber police seeking action against the persons who made the video viral and objectionable. 

“BJP has lost hopes of winning Belagavi North Constituency and resorted to such a cheap political gimmick” he alleged. He also criticized BJP for flaring up communal passions without thinking of the dangerous implications.  

When his attention was drawn to a number of corporators openly declaring their support to BJP, he said, he was not worried about it.“The corporators might have extended support to BJP, but people are with me” he stated.