Electricity substation at Yeliyur to be finished by Mar

Electricity substation at Yeliyur to be finished by Mar

The electricity substation at Yeliyur, near Mandya.

The works on the most awaited electricity substation at Yeliyur, near Mandya, to power the overhead traction of the electric locomotive trains will be completed by the first week of March.

The substation will ease the electricity pressure and add more strength to run additional electric trains between Mysuru and Bengaluru cities.

As of now, there are 24 trains plying between Mysuru to Bengaluru. Out of them, 13 are electric locomotives trains. At present, electricity is been powered by the substation based in Bidadi to feed the overhead lines of the railway track between Bengaluru and Mysuru. The electric substation at Yeliyur will ease the pressure on the Bidadi substation.

The South Western Railways has handed over the responsibility of installation of the electricity substation to the Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL). The KPTCL has almost completed an electricity line drawn between Yeliyur to Thubinakere. Initially, the work of drawing the line was delayed as farmers opposed the installation of electricity poles on their private lands, demanding compensation at the market rate.

Later, the KPTCL held several rounds of meeting with the farmers and was successful in sorting out the issue. The substation in Yeliyur will ensure 90% electrification of the railway tracks, between Mysuru to Bengaluru.

Speaking to DH, Chief Engineer of KPTCL K C Nithyananda informed that the KPTCL has almost completed the installation of the power transmission line from Yeliyur substation to Thubinakere. As there are a few minor works pending, the substation at Yeliyur in Mandya will become functional by the first week of March.