Encroachment on Doddakere land cleared

Encroachment on Doddakere land cleared

The board of the Doddakere Tank Bund Site Owners Association that existed on the land of Doddakere, in Mysuru, till the morning of Thursday.

The officials, led by Tahsildar Ramesh Babu, took possession of 11.38 acres of land, valued at Rs 150 crore, of the historic Doddakere, under Survey No 1 of Mysuru village, on MG Road, next to Mall of Mysuru, in the city on Thursday.

It has to be noted that a fence was erected and a board, claiming that the land belongs to Doddakere Tank Bund Site Owners Association, was put up recently. The tahsildar said that the mention of the High Court order on the board by the association, 20243-20245/2009, only directs the Mysuru Urban Development Authority (MUDA) to issue approval for the plan.

“The order does not mention that the association is the owner of the land. It also does not direct anybody to register katha in the name of the association. The association members are providing false information. As per the Revenue department records, it is the Doddakere lakebed,” he said.

Revenue department officials, and city police personnel were part of the operation to clear the encroachment. The operation was interrupted by members of the association for some time. They showed a court order and claimed that the operation by the Revenue department is a violation of the High Court order. This lead to an argument between the association members and the Tahsildar.

“We have all documents and pay tax every year. As we received an evacuation order from the High Court earlier, we had to part with our lands for the widening of the MG Road. In return, we were provided this land. But now, we are again being vacated illegally. We condemn this and will fight it out legally,” said Achyuth, a member of the association.