Gujarati film 'Hellaro' screened in Delhi by Guj govt

Gujarati film 'Hellaro' screened in Delhi by Gujarat govt

Hellaro was screened in New Delhi recently. (Credit: Facebook)

Hellaro, which became the first Gujarati movie to win the National Film Award in the Best Feature Film category last year, was screened in the city on Saturday by the Gujarat government to "promote art and culture" of the state, according to an official press release.

On the occasion of a special screening of the film, Arti Kanwar, Resident Commissioner, Gujarat Bhawan, said Gujaratis are "not only known for their entrepreneurship but also their art and culture is similarly rich and needs to be showcased in the national capital".

This movie was "enjoyed and appreciated" by a number of diplomats, senior officers of the central government, film critics, journalists, the press release by the Gujarat government stated.

Hellaro is about a group of women who break free from years of confinement, suppression and oppression of a patriarchal society, it said.