Living: 30-day fitness goals can improve focus

Living: 30-day fitness goals can improve focus

Fitness is a long-term companionship. To enjoy this personal partnership to the hilt, you have the option to follow a smart, short-term approach. By breaking your yearly goals, into monthly goals, fitness can be achieved with great enthusiasm and increased vigour.

Irrespective of whether you are a regular gym-goer or a fitness freak, it is obvious you have your overall well-being on your mind. The good news is that you need not stress about it if you set short-term goals to achieve the bigger target. Here are some benefits of 30-day goals:

* It is easier to define a 30-day plan for measurable weight loss. If your yearly target is to lose 10 kg, then a 30-day new goal will help you achieve it faster.

* You will have fixed targets which are more easily measurable and more accurate. It can be trimming your waistline or simply losing the flab in a phased-out manner.

* You are likely to exercise harder as you now have a goal in mind. By mapping your performance on a short-term basis, you have the benefit of that ‘extra motivation’.

* You learn new things as you research more on how to meet your 30-day fitness target.

* Your monthly workout schedule will boost your confidence and stamina, both during and after the 30-day schedule.

* The 30-day challenge will ensure that you will not to miss a workout session. It is no longer about just spending time in the gym, it is also about spending quality time in the gym.

Dividing your long-term goals into short tasks make them seem more achievable and doable. It is a win-win situation for anyone looking to achieve better fitness.

(The author is founder, TrainMe)

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