‘Govt should support LGBT community’

‘Govt should support LGBT community’

Transgender Sanjeeva Vandse has urged the government to support the LGBT community members.

Speaking to media persons here on Monday, he said though the government provides house and livelihood to the transgenders, it is not up to the mark. Only a few are given such facilities, Vandse said. 

Vandse said the community people are harassed and the only livelihood source they have is to work as sex workers or as beggars. The transgenders should also be included in the committee headed by the deputy commissioner. This will give an occasion for the transgender to share their grievances, Vandse said.

Vandse lamented that there is a separate Karnataka Transgender Policy. But no officer in the government departments are aware of it, he said and demanded a separate survey to determine the number of transgenders in the state.

Vandse added that the D Group jobs are providing meagre salaries for the community people. They cannot afford a decent livelihood with two square meals a day, he said.