Groundwater depletion in DK raises concern

Groundwater depletion in DK raises concern

Dakshina Kannada which had experienced good rains this year, is witnessing an unusual phenomenon of ground water depletion in of October itself.

According to the available statistics, the ground water level in the district had depleted to 9.14 metre. A comparison between ground water levels in October 2017 and October 2018 showed that the ground water table in three among the five taluks had recharged.

The highest ground water depletion is seen in Mangaluru taluk. Water table in Mangaluru taluk is available at 15.11 metres (45 feet) below the ground in October this year while it was available at 13.42 metre during the corresponding previous year.

The water table in Bantwal in October was available at 6.73 metres, while it was 6.82 metres in October 2017, thus witnessing a rise in water table by 0.09 metre. The ground water table had increased slightly from 8.99 metres in October 2017 to 8.65 metres in October 2018 in Belthangady.

The water table in Puttur has decreased to 6.93 metres (October 2018) from 5.28 metres (October 2017). The water level had slightly improved in Sullia from 8.48 metre (October 2017) to 8.26 metre (in October 2018).

In fact, statistics shows that the groundwater level in the district had undergone a sharp decline in the past eight years. 

The ground water table in Belthangady in 2010 was 4.95 metres, Mangaluru—7.39 metres, Bantwal—6.73 metres, Sullia—5.99 metres and Sullia—3.10 metres.

According to officials, the over exploitation of ground water was the main reason for ground water depletion as demand is more than the supply. The deficit rainfall in the month of October failed to recharge the ground water table.

Due to Laterite surface, the water table gets recharged quickly and also dips at a rapid rate.

Raitha Sangha Hasiru Sene district organising Secretary Manohar Shetty said though district had received good rainfall in this monsoon, the intensity of rain was less in September and October. As a result, negligible water percolated to groundwater.

“If we fail to get rain in coming days we will be staring at water crisis during peak summer,” he felt.

Water table

Puttur5.28 6.93
Sullia8.48 8.26

(Figures in metres)