Have a long-term goal

Have a long-term goal


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Dear Sir,

I am writing my Class 10 exams (ICSE). I wish to opt for Commerce and pursue BCom LLB. I am also interested in taking Science to pursue IIT. I am good at Math and Computers. Kindly advise me on the best options and refer to some good colleges in Bengaluru. My long-term plan is to move abroad for higher studies.


Dear Mirza,

There is no such thing as ‘best option’ as it depends entirely on your abilities, aptitude, personality traits and of course, your interest. It will be good if you do a systematic analysis of the plus and minus of both options you are considering based on the above factors. Both Law and Computer Science engineering are specialised and challenging fields, and only those who pursue them with complete dedication and clear focus make a success of it. Find out about the lifestyle, working conditions and skills required (other than subjects) to be successful. In the worst case if you are just not able to choose, then you may take up science with computer science for your pre-university, and when you start studying in Class 11 and go deeper into various subjects and continue with your exploration you can take the final decision. Many students who get into good law schools do come from the science stream, so that will not be a deterrent.


Dear Sir,

I am in the seventh semester of Computer Science engineering, I am very much interested in becoming a commercial pilot. So after my BE, I am planning to do my pilot training. Can you suggest good pilot training institutions, cost and career scope?


Dear Pavan,

Anyone who has completed Class 12 with Math and Physics is eligible to join a Flying Training School in India or abroad. Since you are completing your engineering in computer science engineering, do ensure that you are willing to give up your studies and the expertise you have gained, to get into a completely different field. Commercial flying training is quite expensive, and there are hardly any scholarships available. The government of India operates Rajiv Gandhi Udan Academy, which has slightly subsidised fees, but seats are limited. Many students prefer to go abroad as training is swift and they can get exposure to more modern aircraft. Costs to get fully qualified can be upward of Rs 1 crore. Jobs as pilots keep fluctuating, with demand going up and down periodically. Since salaries are high, many young people get attracted, but if you do not get a job after spending a huge amount on your training, then you should ensure that you do not have financial troubles.


Dear Sir,

I am on the verge of completing my BE in Industrial engineering and management. My parents suggest me to change my field as they don’t see any scope, but I am still interested in the subject. I have no interest in software but always had a liking towards aeronautical. Is there any chance I can finish my current course and do masters in aeronautical. If not, Kindly suggest me a course that will help me do my masters in aeronautical engineering.



Dear Gautam,

There is no such thing as less or more scope in any field. It depends entirely on which college you have received your education from, the grades you have obtained, your supplementary skills such as internships and part-time courses, and your ability to impress your prospective employers in interviews. If you are not interested in software, do not get into it only because of the so-called scope. Industrial engineering and management is a wide field with employment prospects in many different industries, including the aeronautical sector. You can certainly do your Masters in aeronautical engineering from a reputed institution and get good employment.


Dear Sir,

I am studying in Class 12. I want to know about Biotechnology and its scope. Which is better, BTech or BSc in Biotechnology?



Dear Esha,

Biotechnology essentially consists of microbiology, biochemistry and genetics. Do try and get all information about these fields so that you can decide what you want to specialise in. If you start with BSc, you will be in the pure science sector which deals with research, product development, teaching, documentation, quality control, etc. On the other hand, if you take up an engineering course, you will be studying more of the application of biotechnology to various industrial, medical, agricultural, pharmaceutical and other industries. You should select based on what mindset you have and what you will enjoy more among the two.


Dear Sir,

I completed my engineering in 2017 with ECE stream and am working in an IT company for the last six months; however, I am interested in finance and economics now and want to pursue my higher studies in that field. Is it possible for me to change my stream without having any educational background or work experience in these areas? If yes, suggest me a plan to go about it. Or, is there any interdisciplinary programme related to finance and computer engineering?



Dear Karthik,

If your interest in finance and economics is deep and consistent, you can certainly aspire to get into it. Many eminent economists have started off by studying engineering, which sharpens your analytical, logical, sequential and decision-making skills. So your engineering studies will not go waste. You can make a beginning by taking up a Massive Online Open Course which is generally free, in the field of your choice while you continue with your current job. If you get deeper interest then you can take up either a postgraduate online course or quit your job and go for a full-time Masters degree, which you can do either in India or abroad. If you are not ready to commit yourself to a full-time course, you can take up an entry-level job in a small organisation working in the field of finance or economics. The salary may not be high, but you will get a first-hand experience of the working conditions, and that will reinforce your resolve to make it your long-term career.

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