Flood aid: Kodava Samaj goes to cops over fake bank a/c

Last Updated 20 August 2018, 19:57 IST

The Kodava Samaja flood relief account is been misused by some people in the city. Few people have created a fake bank account which is doing rounds in social media in the name of flood relief fund.

Bangalore Kodava Samaja on Monday filed a complaint with the Central Crime Branch(CCB) alleging that some people had opened a fake bank account in its name and collecting money for flood relief.

"We got information that someone is using the name of Kodava Samaja and collecting money through a fake bank account. We have lodged a complaint to CCB and the said account has been seized," Chennapanda K Subbaiah, Secretary, Kodava Samaja, told DH.

A person by name C P Vijay Babu had opened an account in Padmanabhanagar in the name of Kodava Samaja flood relief fund and asking for the donation through the fake bank account.

“We are requesting the people not to send any money to fake accounts and Kodava Samaja has only one flood relief account in Canara Bank at Vasanth Nagar branch. It is very bad that few people are misusing this distress time when the people of Kodagu are suffering,” he added.

According to police, the man who opened the fake account is being questioned and his bank account was checked. It had only Rs 200 and there was no recent withdrawal.

Kodava Samaja has requested to credit donations to Kodava Samaja Flood Relief Fund Blr, A/c No: 1370101084312, IFS Code CNRB0001370 at Canara Bank, Vasantanagar, Bengaluru.

(Published 20 August 2018, 19:28 IST)

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