KG Layout allottees surrender sites to BDA again

Last Updated 13 November 2018, 17:20 IST

Allottees in the Kempegowda Layout phase-2 are surrendering their sites to the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), similar to phase-1.

The reasons are also the same - financial constraints, poor infrastructure and BDA’s construction clause. However, another addition to the list is that most of the sites are in low lying areas and near to waterbodies, making construction difficult and costly.

This has become a matter of worry for BDA officials as this is the second consecutive time the citizens are returning the sites in the same layout.

In phase-1, over 400 allottees had surrendered their sites. This is the first layout the BDA is developing after the Arkavathy Layout. The officials are now working out on measures to ensure that the BDA’s image is not tarnished.

N Basavaraja, an allottee who returned his site, told DH that finances were too difficult to manage.

“It is a challenge to arrange the amount for the site and also to construct a home. Payments and construction have to be completed within the stipulated time of 60 days and five years,” he said.

This was his third attempt for a 20X30 site.

According to the allottees, the BDA has not completed any work in phase-1 but still went ahead with the phase-2 allotment. The authority should have made sure that the sites were ready for construction and also facilities like hospital, proper schools and shopping areas were in place.

B M Basavaraju, another allottee, said he was giving back the site not just due to financial constraints but also because his site was in a low-lying area and near waterbodies.

“I got a 30X40 site after paying Rs 1.13 lakh down payment. Apart from paying the site cost, I will need an additional Rs 25 lakh to construct home. Locals and contractors told me that as my site is in a low lying area, I will have to put at least two to three feet of mud to ensure that the site is ready for construction. This is a big challenge,” Basavaraju said.

Meanwhile, BDA Commissioner Rakesh Singh said tenders were invited for all works and two major companies, L&T and SPML, bagged the tenders. Unlike other layouts, here all works, including water supply and sewage lines have been grounded. But still, if people return, it is their choice.

(Published 12 November 2018, 15:43 IST)

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