Respect Parliament resolution, Team Anna tells govt

House had agreed to bring lower bureaucracy under Lokpal purview
Last Updated 29 November 2011, 20:00 IST

It appealed the government to respect the parliamentary resolution that ended Anna’s fast at Ramleela Maidan.

“When Anna ended his fast, Parliament agreed to a resolution that stated clearly on lower bureaucracy and Citizen’s Charter. We just hope that the resolution is respected,” said Arvind Kejriwal in a press conference.

Commenting on exclusion of judiciary from the ambit of Lokpal bill, he said we were assured of a strong Judicial Accountability Bill to deal with corruption of judges.
“The Judicial Accountability Bill does not deal with corruption in judiciary and it will be out of the ambit of the Lokpal bill. So, it is covered nowhere,” he said.

Inclusion of NGOs

Team Anna expressed apprehension of including NGOs and media in the ambit of Lokpal Bill and opposed it.

“It will make things confusing,” said Kejriwal referring to the huge number of NGOs. He said that NGOs are governed by the Registration of Society and Trust Act. Since 1968, no draft on Lokpal bill had proposed the same, said the ant-graft leader.

However, he supported inclusion of government-funded NGOs in the ambit of Lokpal Bill on the ground that it was covered by the Prevention of Corruption Act.

He expressed his disagreement on the draft report’s recommendation on the Citizen's Charter and said, “Having only five members in the state capital to look into the complaints of an entire state instead of officials at each block level, as demanded by us, will lead to the system collapsing in four days”.

Team Anna also criticised the exclusion of CBI from the ambit of Lokpal Bill and alleged that the government did not want to shed its control over the organisation.

The team, which is speedily moving towards a fresh movement on the issue, maintained restraint on Tuesday.

 “It would be premature to comment on this. Many processes still remain, let us wait and watch,” said Kejriwal. However, Bedi accused the government of going back on commitment and said it called for a mass movement.

Team Anna organised silent protests at important places in the national capital to demand a strong Lokpal bill.

(Published 29 November 2011, 14:01 IST)

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