Indian science at its best under NDA rule: Harsh Vardhan

Indian science at its best under NDA rule: Harsh Vardhan

Indian science at its best under NDA rule: Harsh Vardhan

Indian science is at its best under the current NDA regime, Union Minister for Science and Technology and Environment Harsh Vardhan said here tonight.

"Today, Indian science is probably at its best under the leadership of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi...Today, we have become the third most sought after destination for R&D in the whole world," Harsh Vardhan said.

He was speaking at the Installation and Foundation Day organised by Jain International Trade Organisation, Hyderabad Chapter.

"On any parameter that you measure science and its status, internationally, today, you will find that we are inferior to none. We have got top quality collaborations with over 44 countries of the whole world," he said.

The CSIR ranks among the top 10 scientific institutions in the world, Harsh Vardhan said.

"Only last week, a report came that in recent years, our investment in R&D...we are sixth in the whole world," he said.

Highlighting the successes in space, he said the Chandrayan would be launched in another two-three months.

Noting that thousands of crores are being spent to promote entrepreneurship, the minister said the Modi government supports any person, either literate or illiterate, if he wants to convert his idea into entrepreneurship.

He said the spending by industry in research is less in comparison with rest of the world.

"What probably is lacking, there is a need. I mention this so that you also, people who belong to industry, spending in research and development from the industry side which is something probably lacking as compared to rest of the world where India is behind," he said.

"We are giving text message information to 24 million farmers about weather forecasting, produces a positive impact of Rs 50,000 crore in the GDP of India that is as per the National Council for Applied Economic Research," he said.

Observing that the country is into big data and other advanced technology areas, there is hardly any area where the country is lacking.

A presentation was made on the occasion on the Green Good Deeds initiative proposed to be launched by Harsh Vardhan as per which people can take up any green initiative among about 500 of them.