How well do you know Kanye, the philosopher?

How well do you know Kanye, the philosopher?

Kanye West. Image Courtesy: Matt Detrich-USA TODAY Sports via Reuters

Last week, rapper and fashion designer Kanye West finally ended his Twitter sabbatical to reemerge as a philosopher. So he is a lyricist and a juggler with words, but tweets on existentialism?



‘Kanyisms’ came one after another in quick succession. They have since been dissected, trashed, exalted and drawn parallels to pearls of wisdom from such men of reckoning as Socrates and Nietzsche, not to forget Descartes and Kant.

This was just the beginning though. Kanye is writing a book on philosophy – ‘Break the Simulation' and two new albums are on their way.

Apart from the metaphysics in his tweets, to ordinary mortals, he sounded more like a self-help book complete with quotable quotes and laced with his style of narcissism.



Philosophies of a political nature also followed. He professed his love for Donald Trump. He called the US President someone who’s filled with the same ‘dragon energy’ as him.

Try reading between the lines (rather tweets) and Kanye’s politics are not quite clear. By all accounts, ‘Kanyisms’ are being interpreted as nothing more than a publicity stunt for his forthcoming album.

In all his talk on elevating human life and life aphorisms, Kanye bashers are wondering where that leaves his wife Kim Kardashian West?

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