Indian student jailed for causing death of an unborn baby

Amrick Singh Thind, 23, in Australia on student visa was sentenced by a judge for driving aggressively on Victoria's Warrigal Road in Oakleigh. His vehicle suddenly changed lanes and clipped a four wheel drive sending it into a head on collision with the car of Hannah Roberts, who was eight months pregnant.

Roberts lost her baby because of injuries sustained in the accident. She also suffered injuries to her liver and spleen and a fractured ankle. Thind fled the scene of accident, ABC reported.

Her partners and her partners daughters also suffered fractures. The man in a four wheel drive had spinal injuries and a fractured collar bone. "Within a space of few seconds, the way in which we were driving caused irreversible and heartbreaking changes to the lives of a number of people", Victorian County Court Judge Meryl Sexton told Thind while sentencing him.

Thind who came to Australia in 2006 on a student visa pleaded guilty to five counts of dangerous driving, causing serious injury and one count of fleeing the scene of accident.
Judge Sexton jailed Thind for three years and five months. But he will serve a minimum sentence of two years and three months and is also likely to face deportation.

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