Pakistan's elite behave like foreign agents: A.Q. Khan

Pakistan's elite "toe the American line and behave like foreign agents", said disgraced nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan who lamented the "current inept and corrupt rulers have destroyed the country in every sense of the word".

In an article "Bad habits don’t die" in the opinion section of the News International, Khan said that the country's "elites toe the American line and behave like foreign agents".
"Some have dual nationalities, some have a wife and children with a foreign nationality and there are US sympathisers (or outright agents) in almost every important state institution.

"When the discussion of an independent foreign policy comes up, they create a hue and cry as if the heavens are about to fall. The current inept and corrupt rulers have destroyed the country in every sense of the word. No institution has been left untouched," he said.

Khan was put under house arrest in 2004 after confessing to have sent nuclear secrets to Iran, Libya and North Korea and sought the nation's forgiveness. He later retracted his remarks and alleged that he had been forced by former president Gen (retd.) Pervez Musharraf to make the statement.

In the hard-hitting piece, Khan said: "They (the rulers) are as intoxicated with power as a drunkard is with liquor. In this state of intoxication a person loses all sense of realism and moderation and can’t think straight. In a similar manner, wealth often causes arrogance, callousness and even cruelty. Islam strictly forbids arrogance."

"The influence of power is more corrupting than that of alcohol or drugs. A power- hungry person loses all sense of caring, decency, moderation or respect for others," he added.

Pakistan is facing a crisis with the political leadership and the judiciary sparring with each other over a letter that has to be written to the Swiss authorities to reopen corruption cases against President Asif Ali Zardari. Yousuf Raza Gilani had to step down as prime minister over the issue and he was succeeded by Raja Pervez Ashraf who too was issued a show-cause noticed Aug 8 by the Supreme Court for failing to implement the court's order.

Khan said that a "rubberstamp National Assembly passes anti-Constitution laws that are against public interest merely for the self-serving designs of the rulers, and then they accuse the judiciary of exceeding its powers when it protects the very spirit of the Constitution and the fundamental rights of the people".

"Abhorrent too is the behaviour of the selfish coalition partners who, totally ignoring ground realities, go all-out to blame the Supreme Court rather than limiting the mischievous behaviour of the rulers. The courts are doing only what they are supposed to do," the former scientist added.

Khan went on to say that the democratic system that has been introduced in the subcontinent has "not worked well in our country".

"It works only in countries where the people are educated, politically mature and conscious of the importance and the sanctity of their votes. In Pakistan, almost 80 percent of the votes are cast under the feudal system and those elected are anything but honest, competent, educated technocrats."

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