US exerts pressure on Pakistan

US exerts pressure on Pakistan

War on terror: We have concrete evidence, say American officials

“The Pakistani government needs to take action to deal with the links that exist there,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, adding that the Haqqani network was responsible for the attacks on US embassy in Kabul and then on ISAF, as well as some others.”

The hard comments by the White House come on the heels of Washington’s demands that the Pakistan military sever its ties with Haqqani network and other militant groups. Asked whether the US was reviewing large aid to Pakistan, Carney acknowledged that the Obama administration is reviewing its aid.  “We obviously are always reviewing our aid programmes.

I believe the State Department and others have talked about that. I don’t have anything new to add on that except that we obviously take it seriously and discuss these matters with our Pakistani counterparts,” he said.

“I think we’ve been very clear about our views on this. One, and that. We work very closely with the Pakistanis and have had success due to that cooperation in fighting al Qaeda. As I’ve said in the past, in many ways, no country has suffered more at the hands of terrorists than Pakistan. So there is a common enemy here,” he said in response to a question.